Forex Models, LLC Announces Upcoming Indianapolis/ Louisville Forex Training Seminar

Indianapolis, IN, March 19, 2014 - Forex Models, LLC, an Indianapolis based forex trading system development company, will conduct a 3-day forex training seminar in Franklin, Indiana, Wednesday May 14 through Friday May 16. The venue is conveniently located 30 minutes south of Indianapolis and 90 minutes north of Louisville. The seminar will focus on the reasons most forex traders today lose money, just as they have for the past 25 years, and what can be done about it. Some of the causes for so many losses in forex trading are market-related while others are trader-related. The seminar will cover both of these topics.

“Forex trading has special issues,” states Forex Model’s President, James McCune, “unlike other markets, central bankers and politicians devote considerable effort and resources to keeping their country’s exchange rates stable … a goal that works directly against the objectives of forex traders.” To overcome this, the company’s forex trading model shifts away from the conventional strategy of “buy high and sell higher” to one closer to “buy low and sell high.”

In other words, rather than exclusively buy or sell price “breakouts,” Forex Models uses an innovative 3-system forex trading model that buys (and sells) earlier in a price move … so there is still some room for further price movement to give traders a chance to achieve a profit.

The first two days of the company’s 3-day seminar will cover all of these forex trading issues—market-related as well as trader-related—and the appropriate remedies for each of them. (The company’s website provides a short explanation of the three forex trading systems that make up the model, and presents a graphic that demonstrates how the three systems interact in the model to generate trading profits.)

On the 3rd day of Forex Models’ 3-day trading seminar attendees will get their personal copy of the firm’s forex trading system(s) and will be taught how to update, maintain, and trade the model. Any questions interested persons may have about the seminar, and the trading model attendees will take home with them following the 3 days of extensive training, are answered on Forex Models, LLC’s website.

Forex Models, LLC
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Mortgage Supermart Singapore Offers Free Business Classified & Directory Listings

Singapore’s leading loan brokerage portal adds new forum portal with free business classified and directory listings.


Singapore, 01 March 2014 – Mortgage Supermart Singapore is pleased to announce the offering of free business classified and directory listings for local small and medium enterprises.

Created with the user experience in mind, the forum discussion portal ( has been designed using the latest technology so that the site is compatible with today’s smart phones, tablet devices and web browsers.

Features of the new forum include:

1) Discussions and updates on the latest news and current affairs – The discussion and news update category feature serious current affairs and non-serious light-hearted talking cock discussions for everything under the sun. All international guest and users are welcomed.


2) Free Business Classified Listings – The free business listing category aims to provide local small and medium enterprises an alternative channel to promote and market their brands, products and services. This service is offered absolutely free of charge and international brands and businesses that aim to provide its product sales and services to the Singapore community are also welcome.



In the pipeline, the forum portal will also feature a men and ladies section and user submission column content and news.

In addition to the forum portal, the website also includes extensive resource information, content, graphics and a mortgage calculator to help consumers and businesses find, research, update and make better decisions towards their mortgage and business financial planning.

About Mortgage Supermart Singapore

Mortgage Supermart Singapore offers independent loan brokerage solutions from over 25 banks and financial lenders and offer consumers and small medium enterprises (SMEs) an alternative channel to seek financing solutions for their mortgage and business financing needs.

Our unique value propositions offers consumers’ independent advisory, multi bank price feed comparison with zero conflict of interest to save customers time and money with ease and sincere services.

Incorporated since 2010, we have helped thousands of consumers and businesses save and reduced more than 60% in interest cost. Loans Brokerage Solutions to bring you Savings and Smiles. Contact us today!

Contact Information:

Mortgage Supermart Singapore

55 Market Street #10-00, Singapore 048941

Tel: +65-65213051 / +65-65213052 / +65-65213053